Interpolis and HomeWizard

Interpolis (one of the large Dutch insurers and part of Achmea Group) currently shows a TV commercial where you can win a HomeWizard kit to improve safety around the house. They also organized an info-session with HomeWizard and they offer the stuff in their prevention shop. All good work!

How nice would it be however if they would offer a home insurance proposal based on the available HomeWizard real data. Guess that would really boost prevention. Accidentally I have a lot of HomeWizard stuff in my house. Cameras, motion- and smoke- detectors, magnetic- and light switches etc. Such prevention matters should also be worth something to an insurer. Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is hot in the US and UK although currently still with a focus on car (Telematics) but in most EU countries temperature is still low.

They can also have my car data (even select from several devices) and my body/health data. Who will be the first?

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