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As Partner of Intsure Technology Solutions I can offer you the following solutions including a highly qualified and experienced implementation team.


Powerful Insurance Platform

A unique very flexible, scalable and powerful IT-Platform for online insurance business has been build and improved over the last 16 years by Ineas, the first international online insurance company worldwide. The Platform is covering the full value chain of (online) insurance business and is a “ready-to-go” Toolbox.

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Microinsurance Platform

A distribution platform allowing high frequent and small payments by driving distribution costs to the minimum. Example: Immediate Travel Insurance based on Roaming. When Roaming starts the customer gets a 2nd text-message about travel insurance. Just confirm with the number of days to cover and it’s done. The premium is collected via the Telecom-provider.

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Telematics & Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

Telematics concepts are allowing complete new insurance business models. Away from proxy-based to more accurate pricing, enhanced services, less fraud, improved loyalty, proactive FNOL and better claims management services. This new way of risk assessment, claims management and CRM will drastically change the insurance landscape.

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Claims Management (eClaims)

A sophisticated claims management process along with unique claims applications. As soon as the customer notifies a claim (FNOL), automatically the coverage is checked and if OK a claims-id is generated with a claims binder and the appropriate number of claims files. The initial reserves are set in each file for 9 different cost types and promptly part of the real-time loss ratio monitoring. The customer gets immediate confirmation via email and SMS and can follow the claims handling in detail via online-claims-tracking in a Private Domain.

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Mobile Applications

Responsive design is a given these days. Your customer interface has to be device independent. Ineas was the first company to recognize this and was received already in 2007 an Innovation Award for their mobile solutions. With XPRS® and MIK (My Insurance Kit) Intsure Technology Solutions owns 2 different Mobile Concepts. One from a company perspective and one from a consumer perspective.

Digitization Consultancy & Implementation

Analyse existing business, improve or (re-)design and automate processes to optimize efficiency, reduce cost and last but not least enhance customer services.

Innovation Concepts

Bringing in all kinds of possible innovations. From ideas up to a fully operational Innovation Lab.

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