Green Card and Paperless

Last week I had a discussion again with an EU insurance company about how to work paperless (also without physical distribution of documents to the customer) and yet have to issue a Green Card (international certificate of insurance). Apparently there is still confusion about this.

I also still receive Green Cards from my own insurance company. The Green Card is not required by law to cross borders anymore since 2003. Currently 47 countries participate in the Green Card System and 34 of them (EU + Andorra, Norway, Iceland, Serbia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) agreed that valid registration plates from those countries substitute the Green Card as sufficient proof of insurance coverage. For more info see:  Council of Bureaux Already in 2005 we ran a fully paper free insurance business in Germany and The Netherlands with consent of the local Motor Bureaus regarding the Green Card. In some countries (like France with the “vignette”) there are however other type of legal constraints.

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