Telematics & Usage Based Insurance

Usage-based Insurance (UBI) represents a fundamental change in the way insurance is underwritten, moving away from proxy-based rating models and history patterns to real-life and real-time data analysis.

In time, it is expected to make traditional methods of risk prediction obsolete and profoundly transform the way risk is underwritten.

UBI is on the verge of  becoming a mainstream alternative to the traditional rating systems that shaped the insurance industry for decades. Car insurance is taking the lead with so called Vehicle Telematics (short: Telematics) and the Connected Car. Other products however will follow without doubt.

Eventually we will slowly move from a Connected Car to a Connected Lifestyle. Providing data to deal for the best insurance package for the family.

About Sunfield Consultancy

“Smart Protection for Safer Living”
With a small international team we built the world's first international online fully licensed insurance company.
With a unique ICT-Platform and Smart Operations.
Successfully rolling-out to 8 countries and selling it to key players.
Now expanding to a holistic concept based on CX, IoT and Telematics.
Called InConnect

As Insurance Engineer I love to work on Safety First.

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